Friday, 28 August 2009

Well I have been a wee bit busy playing in the craft room, Im not sleeping great as usual so spending my nights quietly crafting, so the noisy things like heat embossing has to wait for the morning.
Today has also been a stressfull day as someone decided to drive into the side of my car, she pulled out as I was going past her, she didnt see my big volvo!!!!uuuuuuggggggggg!!!!!
One of the girls at works birthday is tomorrow so I did a quick decoupage card as wehadan indian carryout at lunch time as she was at work manning the phones. its linen effect orange and cream card, and I used a fiskars border punch, i love the quick ones.

This is a parchment card I have been working on for the last week , I decied to go for something challenging and have learnt alot through doing it. There is alot of work in it. I have still to finish the card and will post the end product this week coming.
This is a Bookatrix card for a wedding its ruby/burgandy/cream and gold. I know these are the colours for the wedding, each page has either a verse or a peeloff with some romantic theme. it has worked out well i think.
I also made the box for it the top has the same ruby bow on it.

I have entered this bookatrix to the colour create challenge 26 ruby cream & gold.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

new card

Hi, this is my newest card that i have done in whitework and parchment, I also used gold tinta ink for the first time, once again its not perfect but then its homemade.
tell me what you think please.
sorry for the quality of photos my son has just told me im too close.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Another go at downloading 18th Aug

Well this is the card I decided to make for a lovely lady that comes to the craft club, she does parchment so I thought I would shock her by trying is grid number 2, so I took it on holiday with me and sat in the hotel livingroom embossing and pricking all evening whilst chatting to some people from cumbria we were staying at the Overscaig hotel up the west coast what a beautiful hotel and the food was fab. Anyway this is what I came up with after deciding what shape I wanted and where what went I am happy with it as another out of my comfort zone card. She was delighted with it. the daisies were embossed and shaded .

Well I managed to down load, this card was one hubby asked for and he needed it in the post then, you know the kind can you make me a card but i want it now, anyway I managed it and I painted the flowers with H20s which I love as they dry so quickly.

Tuesday 18th August.

Well folks sorry I was going to download some photos but it won't connect to the upload so I will try again tomorrow night. I will also give you all an update on what I've been up to.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

just a practice run

Well I bought parchment goodies from a friend and decided to have a play here is my attempt at white work, shading the frame is a seperate sheet and the first time have used the scissors to do cutting, by no means perfect but im having a go.
I am well delighted with my card, I added the corners as I used 3d dots and sillicone to stick down and found out no thats not what you use. oh well will find out what your meant to use.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hi folks, oh well I havent had a chance to do much crafting at all lately with th church summer club on last week which is a full time job but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nairn as a whole took ownership of the summer club this year and we did a grand job. It was Fab. you can have a look on the link you can see what we have been up to.
In the afternoon then we have a craft session for the older kids and some join in the sports afternoon. this is the watch we made I love it, it is made from safety pins just beautiful and it goes with everything. mine is multi coloured, Deas is orange and gold.
Sorry about the photo its not a good one but camera not very good just now.

I will get back into crafting jus had so much to do, we had to get fencing to do the back garden as our new neighbours took the lylandau 10ft trees down so busy in the garden now.