Friday, 1 April 2011

This was our Grandson Connor the day he was born 29th April 2010. Lovely red hair he is gorgous, I will put an up to date photo on when I down load them shortly.

How Time Flies..............

How time flies..........................since I was on here last. I am so sorry not kept this up to dat I have had an awful year and believe it or not im still in bandages on my ankle I had eventually to get the metal work out of my ankle as I was allergic to it and some of it had broken. I was then allergic to alot of my dressings it has been a nightmare but this week I see a light at the end of the tunnel to being bandage and hospital visits free!!! My grandson is almost standing up on his own and he is wonderful and has kept me going this last year. I have been crafting and still run the "Our Craft Club" in Nairn at the Rosebank Church Hall on a Tuesday Evening. Thankyou to all on your comments. I will get back into the challenges soon xx

Friday, 30 April 2010

Well we are delighted to announce that our first grandchild has arrived he is Connor Colin Matheson he weighed 8lb13oz and he is in my eyes gorgous. He was born at 12.49pm and I got cuddles last night I do have photos but couldnt get them posted on here but will try again in a wee while

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Catch up

Hi folks, well Im on the mend i think I finally am getting physio which tends to cause pain but then it goes just in time for the next one.
I have really go back into crafting although not joining into competitions but it has really given me a boost to get going with new things at our craft club in Nairn.
I have more crafting for me to do so Im off to do it.
Have fun and please comment on mine and my daughters work.
My sons fiancee was 18 on valentines day so this was our card to her I was at my friend Kims when I made this. Its good to craft with friends.

The next 4 photos are of a baby book for our new nephew which I made with the bind it all my favourite machine. There is acetate on the frame for a photo to go into it.
I am delighted with this as i had all the card that went with each other perfectly.

This is also Deannas work her brothers engagement card she enjoys making the spring cards.

Deanna my daughter made this card at craft club in Nairn the dragon flies are peeloffs then you add some more onto parchment and paint them to match then 3d the wings she made a lovely job of this one

This is also from the "Heart of Craft" shop swap which is through facebook Im just waiting for the one Im getting back, the frames are nellies which I got from cutting edge crafts.

My son and his fiancees engagement card the brads have their first initial on them, the purple paper i embossed with the fiskars emboss boards which go through the big shot machince nicely

This was a dancing card swap I took part in it was also the first time I had done and easel card.

Friday, 1 January 2010

take a look

Here is a great site just been on to look have a look and join in.

link is

Sorry time has gone so fast!!!!

I am so sorry it has been along time since I have been on here, poor blog has been neglected for the last couple of months, no real reason until I broke my ankle badly and now Im layed up. To those who know about this sorry i will just type this out of my head.
I was walking Brin our dog on the rockies beach which is exactly what it says and yes I slipped I didnt fall but my ankle went snap. mmmmmmmmmm nice, it wasnt sore but i shouted my mum sat down the screamed for no real reason other than I was panicing at the thought of what the ambulance and doctors would have to do to me. The ambulance took a very long time to get me they were 24 miles away from where they should have been Nairn has a very large population and yet we only have 1 ambulance which wasnt where it should have been. Being a first aider I new not to move it, no one asked if the tide was coming in or if being on the beach I was in danger. I was getting colder by the minute and my hubby got to me from 17 miles away just as the ambulance did and Iheard him coming he was so annoyed with them. The doc gave me morphine 2 lots, and i was given gas and air the found i had broken it in 3 places and a dislocation so once they got me comfy and up to the ward they found that the morphine hadnt gone into my vane anyway I have rambled on a bit and i appologise but it was traumatic so far i have had 6 casts on because of swelling i was in hospital for a week.

I would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ALL THE VERY BEST FOR 2010.