Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wednesday 29th July 2009

Hi folks well what a busy time I've been having.......................I really have been enjoying myself in one way but in another its been sad. My friends mum died which was sudden and a shock, this obviously meant my friend would have to come back from Australia which yes she and her hubby did. I went over to visit on the Tuesday night before the funeral we cried and laughed as you do because of stories told. The funeral went very well with my friends dad taking the reins at the church as he is the officer so it was hoovered and he new it was going to be big so he put put extra chairs, he did a wonderful job just th way his wife would have wanted, the service was lovely just like her.
Thursday I had lunch with my oz friend and another and we chatted and caught up with news of the kids and so on. Thursday night had other visitors.
The kids are loving it as am I.
made a wonderful watch with safety pins which I will take a photo of to show you all.

I will get back into the challenges but it has been hectic

Friday, 17 July 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

Please take a look I seem to have posted these first photo last so you need to go to the next page to see the first page and box

A book I was asked to make.

This is a cream box I made for the book to sit in going to add a tag for it saying Silver Anniversary Memories. so its part of the keepsake.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Friday and Im off

Well folks I was off work today and dont go back til tuesday how good is that, my friend was going shopping for an outfit for a wedding TOMORROW nothing like leaving it til the last minute, I went with her we eventually found a dress she liked and suited, hope her hubby likes it.
I also got a top for a night out next week a 60th im going to. should be a good night.
This last two week have been hectic, and I see no let up next week either so if I am neglecting the blog there is a reason.
This weekend I have got a couple of orders to do first is a silver wedding book a friend wants for her to give as a gift. the second is another 100 sympathy cards for the local pet crematorium. so that is tomorrow taken care of and the rest of the week.
I havent joined anymore challenges but i will once life slows down a bit.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A very busy few days with mixed emotions

Well folks it has been a very busy few days, with mixed emotions, My second sone 21 years old moved out today to live with his girlfriend. they have rented a flat and are so excited about it I couldn't be sad about it. So with my poor son having to work in Ullapool this week he couldn't go to find a sofa for the flat as its unfurnished so I took his girlfriend shopping what a laugh we had, we found 2 x 2 seater sofa and matching chair cheap as chips so its delivered on friday. Then we went off and got bits and bobs for them. She really enjoyed herself and so did I.
As you have guessed we get on very well.

Crafting has been totally out of the window but will catch up tomorrow.