Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A very busy few days with mixed emotions

Well folks it has been a very busy few days, with mixed emotions, My second sone 21 years old moved out today to live with his girlfriend. they have rented a flat and are so excited about it I couldn't be sad about it. So with my poor son having to work in Ullapool this week he couldn't go to find a sofa for the flat as its unfurnished so I took his girlfriend shopping what a laugh we had, we found 2 x 2 seater sofa and matching chair cheap as chips so its delivered on friday. Then we went off and got bits and bobs for them. She really enjoyed herself and so did I.
As you have guessed we get on very well.

Crafting has been totally out of the window but will catch up tomorrow.


  1. Brilliant Susie I wish em the very best of luck and nice you got on well makes all the difference in the world I did wonder where you have been hiding Ive just been busy and still having a fight with me throat croaky as usual
    liz x

  2. wishing them all the best Susi