Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hi folks, oh well I havent had a chance to do much crafting at all lately with th church summer club on last week which is a full time job but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nairn as a whole took ownership of the summer club this year and we did a grand job. It was Fab. you can have a look on the link you can see what we have been up to.
In the afternoon then we have a craft session for the older kids and some join in the sports afternoon. this is the watch we made I love it, it is made from safety pins just beautiful and it goes with everything. mine is multi coloured, Deas is orange and gold.
Sorry about the photo its not a good one but camera not very good just now.

I will get back into crafting jus had so much to do, we had to get fencing to do the back garden as our new neighbours took the lylandau 10ft trees down so busy in the garden now.


  1. ohh brill watches Susan how much are they/
    liz x

  2. its fab, & even better when you actually see it

    well done Susi

  3. thanks girls Im trying to get the watches my american friend is going to send me some. they are so easy and therepeutic to make, I have started on a bracelet.