Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wednesday 29th July 2009

Hi folks well what a busy time I've been having.......................I really have been enjoying myself in one way but in another its been sad. My friends mum died which was sudden and a shock, this obviously meant my friend would have to come back from Australia which yes she and her hubby did. I went over to visit on the Tuesday night before the funeral we cried and laughed as you do because of stories told. The funeral went very well with my friends dad taking the reins at the church as he is the officer so it was hoovered and he new it was going to be big so he put put extra chairs, he did a wonderful job just th way his wife would have wanted, the service was lovely just like her.
Thursday I had lunch with my oz friend and another and we chatted and caught up with news of the kids and so on. Thursday night had other visitors.
The kids are loving it as am I.
made a wonderful watch with safety pins which I will take a photo of to show you all.

I will get back into the challenges but it has been hectic


  1. Hi Susan, glad you are ok and having a good time. Cant wait to see the watch it sounds fab
    hugs June x

  2. yea me too Susan will be when I GET BACK THO OFF TOMORROW Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa

    liz x