Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Another go at downloading 18th Aug

Well this is the card I decided to make for a lovely lady that comes to the craft club, she does parchment so I thought I would shock her by trying is grid number 2, so I took it on holiday with me and sat in the hotel livingroom embossing and pricking all evening whilst chatting to some people from cumbria we were staying at the Overscaig hotel up the west coast what a beautiful hotel and the food was fab. Anyway this is what I came up with after deciding what shape I wanted and where what went I am happy with it as another out of my comfort zone card. She was delighted with it. the daisies were embossed and shaded .

Well I managed to down load, this card was one hubby asked for and he needed it in the post then, you know the kind can you make me a card but i want it now, anyway I managed it and I painted the flowers with H20s which I love as they dry so quickly.


  1. 2 great cards Susi, you're doing really well with the parchment, keep it up

    well done xxx

  2. These are both great hun well done.
    sam x

  3. Wow, I wish my work looked that good when I try something new. Both cards are beautiful :)

  4. I love your parchment Susi, was it hard to do? keep wondering if I should have a go at it, but its another expense if I dont like it!!!
    well done
    Paula xx

  5. Gorgeous delicate parchment work Susan, you make such beautiful cards my friend
    hugs June xxx

  6. its by no way perfect but its handmade so it shouldnt be, but I didn't find it hard but im no good at reading instructions so mine will always be different. I am loving it. getting quite hooked.

  7. 2 great cards Susi Well done

  8. these are just gorgeous hun love them hugs cheryl xxxxx

  9. Susie sorry I am soooooooo late!! Your doing excellent with the parchment well done! I think I have a whole pack up in my craft room gonna clear out when I get back from holidays so if I do I will send it on to you
    Your really getting right into crafting again I was meaning to e mail you incase I forget wanna say good luck with the interview I am sure you will be fine
    Liz x

  10. Susan your grid work is super
    love both the cards
    nice to see your work