Sunday, 9 August 2009

just a practice run

Well I bought parchment goodies from a friend and decided to have a play here is my attempt at white work, shading the frame is a seperate sheet and the first time have used the scissors to do cutting, by no means perfect but im having a go.
I am well delighted with my card, I added the corners as I used 3d dots and sillicone to stick down and found out no thats not what you use. oh well will find out what your meant to use.


  1. Stunning work Susan, so detailed, can't wait to see more as you progress as this is amazing for a first go.

  2. beautiful card susie. well done, wish i had the patience for more of these lol

  3. oh wow Susie thats totally stunning first go well done girlie hidden tallents indeed parchment girl
    keep up the good work

    liz xx

  4. Susan dont know how i missed this one its beautiful.
    Im sure you have done parchment craft in a previous life LOL.
    Best first attempt i have ever seen . you are a natural. cant wait to see more like this