Friday, 19 June 2009

Thursday, 30 April 2009


I would like to say a HUGE THANKYOU to Liz for this award it was so good of you to do this, especially as I am new to all this blog world.
I am a follower on Liz's blog and shortly will be added to both of them. Liz is a lovely person and a wonderfull crafter. thankyou again :iz
"This award has a few rules first of all you have to give it to a new blog that you have recently come across.Let them know they have an award ,then they must mention your blog when accepting the blog .Pass on to 15 other new sites that you have just recently come across."Will add the names to this gradually so please watch this space!!! Please leave a comment when you collect your award I will be putting up my list shortly
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Okay this has taken me a bit longer to do than I thought it would.

I have 9 more to load up thankyou again Liz

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