Monday, 25 May 2009

25th May 09

Oh my word where did this month go to, it has been a very strange month indeed, I gave up my job and im a lady of leisure, haha I wish! I am keeping my eye open for the right job, something i will be appy doing I always thought that would be working in a craft shop how wrong was I, It takes away the fun from your crafting, you spend more money than you make and your left with way too much crafting equipment and no time to do any of it. Anyway enough of that.
I have done a bit of crafting and will add photos of my work here.

3 ATCs I have done for a lady who I had promised last year and yes they will be posted tomorrow. And a matching "just to say" card

Birthday card for my Dad

My daughters card for her Grandad

A wedding Guest book, I had done the ladies
Invites the same so made them a guest book to match.

A card I love making and have done a few in different colours but these stamps are so cute.


  1. Well done on all the cards Susan and i like the new format of your blog , want to come and re do mine please . you are sooooooooooo lucky to live so close to the sea

  2. My goodness Susie lots on one day! All fab
    The doggie is a dogone handsome lad too Love the pics of your walk Blag looking proffesional now

    Liz x

  3. You've been busy, well done on lovely work.